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HushPar™ Theatrik


HushPar™ Theatrik

HushPar™ Theatrik



    * 36x 3-watt cool white 6500K (daylight) LEDs * Efficient convection cooling for zero fan noise * Dual mounting yoke allows flexibility in positioning * Rugged die cast aluminum enclosure * Use with or without included barn doors * 100,000 hour lifespan * Perfect color distribution, (SDC) <0.006
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HushPar™ Theatrik

Zero Noise

Meet the fanless, noiseless HushPar Theatrik™, a powerful PAR64 sized LED par can fitted with 36x high power 3-watt 6500k (daylight) LEDs. It comes with removable barn doors to direct its 27,600 lux per meter output while using only a maximum of of 97 watts of power! With the efficient convection cooled housing design of the HushPar™ Theatrik, there are no fans, allowing it to operate with absolutely zero noise. The perfect lighting solution for any application where silence is a definite must!

Flicker-Free Dimming

The HushPar Theatrik™ features flicker-free (7.8KHz PWM) dimming via conventional AC dimmer packs (no DMX) and measures at 11.46 x 12.76 x 8.35 inches and weighs in at 10.37 lbs. This high-output Par64 white light LED stage fixture goes above and beyond with a long lifespan (100,000 hours), low power consumption, and high level brightness, all for an affordable price.

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