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Weather System™ EXA

There’s a Weather System™ Approaching!


Weather System™ EXA

There’s a Weather System™ Approaching!


    * 8 fixtures, each with 3x 15W 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs * Independent fixture swivel & tilt positioning * Wireless rechargeable battery powered footswitch * Built-in color macros and auto programs via DMX * Color mixing ability in standalone mode * Easy to use LED digital control panel * User selectable 32-bit dimming curves * Flicker-free constant-current 1500Hz LED driver * Adjustable stand, dual hanging brackets, & carrying case * 6CH/7CH/12CH/18CH/30CH/48CH or 54-channel DMX modes * Heavy duty, black aluminum housing * Natural convection cooled, totally silent operation * 3-pin XLR input and output connections * powerCON® compatible power Input/Output connections
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Powerful + Portable

The Weather System™ EXA is our powerful and portable lighting system with eight individually controllable LED fixtures, each with 3x 15W high-intensity 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs. They feature RGBAW+UV color mixing, independent fixture swivel & tilt positioning, a wireless footswitch controller with internal rechargeable battery, adjustable lighting stand, a fixture carry case, and tons of goodies that will give users all the tools they'll need to create fantastic light shows!

Battery Powered Foot Control

Users can control their own light show completely cord free with the Weather System™ EXA’s 2.4Gz wireless + rechargeable battery powered 4-switch foot controller, which offers quick and easy access to many awesome features. The Weather System™ EXA also has a built-in 4-button LED control panel on the backside that is simple to use and allows total control over the fixture, plus, industry- standard PowerCON® compatible power Input/Output connections.

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