IRiS® R3 Fly Bar Single/Dual Panel Rigging Bar

IRiS® R3 Fly Bar


SKU: 123993

  • Rigging bar for IRiS R3 panels
  • Single or dual M20 eye bolts
  • Heavy-duty construction
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Product Summary

IRiS® R3 Rigging Bars

IRiS® R3 single- and double-panel rigging bars are available for hanging IRiS R3 video panels from truss or pipe. They feature a single M20 eye bolt ("Fly 1") & double M20 eye bolts ("Fly 2"), and lock together horizontally with other rigging bars via M8 locking screws for quick and easy installations.



Single/Dual M20 eye bolts

M8 locking screws

Curvature: 10° concave, 5° convex maximum

Tech Specs

Eye bolt size: M20

Load capacity: 10 meters height or 1000 kg