NovaStar™ C1

Video Control Console

NovaStar™ C1

NovaStar™ C1

Video Control Console


    * User-friendly dual touchscreen design

    * Real-time PVW and PGM monitoring

    * Touch operation for input, output, and display control

    * Simple operation

    * Supports numerical input for parameters

    * Support for numerous hotkeys to simplify workflow

    * Switchable multiple user presets

    * Advanced design for a streamlined workflow

    * Sleek and powerful design

    * Clear and intuitive layout for simplified operation

    * Aviation-style T-bar for free switching

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NovaStar™ C1

Ultimate Live Control

C1 is an event controller specifically designed for video processing products and mainly used for live stage control. Thanks to the cool LED buttons, highly sensitive joystick and T-Bar, plus the 2 LCD screens, the C1 is extremely easy to operate, making live stage control very convenient.