NovaStar™ MX40 Pro 8.8M pixels (HDMI 2.0 / DP 1.2 / 12G-SDI + Loop)

NovaStar™ MX40 Pro


SKU: 124389

  • Large loading capacity of up to 8.8 million pixels
  • Perfect fit with NovaStar A10s Pro receiving cards + VMP software
  • Controller & processor with color adjustment system
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Product Summary

MX Series Controller

MX40 Pro is a 4K LED display controller from NovaStar™ that offers a variety of input connectors (HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2 and 12G-SDI), 20x Ethernet output ports, plus 4x 10G optical ports for copying output port data. It works great with NovaStar's VMP screen configuration software and A10s Pro receiving cards, which provides users with the ultimate experience.

Packed with Features

With the MX40 Pro, not only do you get a high-end video controller – but also a powerful processor with a built-in color adjustment system. True 12bit, HDR, high frame rate, and 3D technologies are all at your fingertips. Its color calibration can faithfully reproduce and replace colors, and it offers LED Image Booster, Dynamic Booster, and more.

Firmware Updates:

The latest updates for MX40 Pro firmware + VMP software can always be found here on the official NovaStar™ website.



Loading capacity: 8.8m pixels


Capacity (output per port)

8bit@60Hz: 650K px

10bit@60Hz: 480K px **

10/12bit@60Hz: 325K px


LED image booster 2.0 *

Dynamic booster **

Full grayscale calibration **

Low latency  (< 1 ms)

HDR functions


* Armor Series receiving card exclusive feature

** A10s Pro receiving card exclusive feature



3x HDMI 2.0 In + Loop

1x DP 1.2

1x 12G-SDI In + Loop



20x Ethernet outputs

4x 10G OPT outputs

1x SPDIF audio port


TFT menu display

2x Ethernet ports

Genlock In + Loop

1x Auxiliary port


100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption: 70W, 2A


3-year warranty

Dims & Weight

19" L x 18.4" W x 3.7" H

13.0 lbs