NovaStar™ N9

Seamless Switcher

NovaStar™ N9

NovaStar™ N9

Seamless Switcher


    * Real 4K for breathtaking pixel to pixel display

    * 9 input sources, including two 4K source inputs

    * 4 DVI master outputs, up to 8K×1K or 4K×2K capacity

    * Multiple layers for creative arrangements

    * Support for 7 layers in any location, each up to 4K×2K

    * Cross multiple outputs for an unlimited number of layers

    * AUX outputs can be used for a teleprompter w/fade effects

    * Supports 32 easily accessible user presets

    * Dual-redundancy for ultimate stability

    * Redundant backup outputs (single or dual link mode)

    * MVR output allows monitoring for worry-free operation

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NovaStar™ N9

High Performance

N9 is a multi-screen video switcher that is capable of ultra-high quality output. It supports 9 inputs and 4 DVI outputs at the same time, can load up to an 8K screen, and multiple units can be cascaded for output. It can work with the NovaStar C1 desktop console to make the N1 operation more convenient on stage, and it is equipped with smart management software for rich mosaic image effects.