Motif™ Atelier 8FX 10-40° Asymmetrical Beam

Motif™ Atelier 8FX


SKU: 124083

  • Color mixing via 8x 15W RGB+WW 4-in-1 LEDs
  • 10-40° asymmetrical beam spread
  • Wash effect, grouped pixels, and pixel mapping
  • Virtual color wheel effects
  • 33 auto programs, 10 custom colors, and 3 custom banks
  • PWM dimming: 1500 Hz (16666 grades)
  • Custom global color calibration settings
  • Variable electronic dimmer & multiple strobe effects
  • Sync custom settings between fixtures via DMX
  • Fixture ID addressing
  • LED control panel with touch sensitive buttons
  • Durable cast aluminum housing
  • Tempered glass lens and watertight internal gaskets
  • Efficient convection cooling for zero fan noise
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Product Summary

RGB+WW 4-in-1 LEDS

Rugged yet elegant… that's not just a description of the Blizzard Modern Interpretive Dance Troop. It also describes the Motif™ Atelier 8FX. Our IP65-rated 0.5-meter wash offers RGB+WW 4-in-1 LED color mixing and pixel effects via 8x 15W, individually controllable high output LEDs. It mimics tungsten-source lighting to produce soft, warm white tones or add more warmth to the blend of any RGB mixed color.

Asymmetrical 10x40° Optics

Motif™ Atelier 8FX innovative asymmetrical 10x40° optics are ideally suited for vertical wash applications along walls, scrims, and other boundaries. It projects a 10° soft edge parallel to minimize spill away. Atelier's™ 40° angle is perpendicular; its long axis mixes individual LEDs into a homogeneous wash or allows multiple swaths of color to overlap for spectacular gradients and pixel effects.



8x 15W RGB+WW 4-in-1 LEDs, (2700k Warm White)

10-40° asymmetrical degree beam

Flicker-free LEDs

Luminous intensity: 1,037 Lux (96.4 fc) @ 2m | 242 Lux (22.5 fc) @ 4m


Protocol: USITT DMX-512

3/4/5/10/16/24/32 or 40-channel DMX

Standalone, M/S, color preset, auto mode

3-pin DMX input/output

4-button LED control menu display


100-264VAC, 47-63 Hz

107W, .87A, PF: .99


2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs

Dims & Weight

20.6" L x 3.7" W x 7.1" H

11.0 lbs