We are currently seeking the following:

Job Title:Agent Provocateur, aka Marketing Strategist
Location: Waukesha, WI
Classification: Full time/40 hours/week.

We’re on the hunt! We’re looking for a brave soul to continue to hone our finely crafted veneer of ridiculousness and 13-year-old toilet humor. Yes, that’s right, we need a new Agent Provocateur!

Clandestine work is never easy, especially when the assignment requires simultaneous dorkiness and cool day in, day out. So, it’ll be a truly special (probably deranged) person who fills this role, alongside a stealthy marketing team of three, all with their own highly-refined tradecraft.

With as much seriousness as we can muster: The Agent Provocateur is responsible for the success, support, and continued growth of our brand.  They will use their skillset; an expertly-curated mix of irreverence, market awareness, creativity and organization to support our marketing efforts. 

The AP’s focus will build our brand image and distinguish us from the competition in ways which are valuable to potential customers.  The AP’s efforts are instrumental in developing profit through attracting and retaining exceptional customers, building market share, and identifying and exploiting new opportunities. 

Competencies You Probably Maintain, but All Aren’t Required:

  • Strong problem-solving skills, a drive for results
  • Stellar writing abilities (share some samples!)
  • Experience with the Google Suite: Analytics, Ads/Ads Editor, Tag Manager, Search Console
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, not afraid to try new things
  • A fan of felines (bonus if you own a laser cat, send pics)
  • Familiarity with Bing Ads/Editor, Search Console
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related (No “Doctors” of Chiropractic, PLEASE!)
  • Experience with Amazon Seller Central & Advertising Campaign / A+ Content Manager
  • An eye for analytics, to make data-driven decisions and identify areas of greater ROI
  • Experience with HubSpot, Marketo or other marketing automation products
  • Familiarity with Fishbowl inventory management system (another bonus!)
  • Basic HTML knowledge is a <b>plus</b>
  • Basic video editing or video content creation and experience with Adobe After Effects is a yuge plus

Core Responsibilities:

  • Help get our Traction Train moving full steam ahead again after, ehh, last year
  • Manage lead generation tactics and marketing automation with new campaigns, workflow buildouts, and reporting to monitor KPIs
  • Increase brand awareness & improve new product targeting via social media management
  • Assist with CRO, SEO & PPC (search, display, video, shopping). TL;DR, LMFAO, TFW you can do campaign research, building and management across several platforms
  • Provide copywriting in a variety of formats: ads, social posts, emails, press docs, and web pages
  • Be active in strategy sessions, externally for new product launches, B2B/B2C efforts & branding; as well as internally for gaining efficiencies (oh no… efficiencies) with content creation, execution, and measurement
  • Support all marketing & sales channels including print, web, email, social media, eCommerce, product/packaging design, collateral, tradeshow & direct response

This is an evolving role as we see our team growing in the near future, so versatility is key. You’ll wear a few different hats—some longer at a time—depending on our latest new product to hit the market or tradeshow travel schedule.

We are looking for the right person, who perhaps changes seats along the way, or creates their own! We’re staffed with a range of Type A to Type Z employees (yeah, that’s a thing), all who come together for crazy adventures daily, and to take on—and conquer—new challenges with gusto. 


Salary & benefits are highly competitive and negotiable based on experience and how much we like your shoes. This position is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin at BLWHQ, but we’d consider “remote control” for the right candidate.

Blizzard Lighting offers 100% company paid medical/dental insurance, a 401(k) with up to 4% company match, company paid short- and long-term disability insurance, flexible paid time off, happy hour at our bar/game room every Friday, and an almost impossibly fun, friendly work environment. Put it this way – none of us are permanently working from home, and that’s not a coincidence.

We’re looking for someone who will grow with us long-term, and help us take this lil’ thang we got goin’ to the next level. If you’re fearless and interested, HMU! Er, hit US up!

Send the usual (and unusual… please, these get sofa king boring) stuff to or send pics via DM! @blizzardlites