2-Fer™ 3Pin DMX + PowerCON Compatible Cables

2-Fer™ 3Pin


SKU: 123755

  • 2-way power + DMX splitter
  • 1 x powerCON compatible inputs & 2 outputs
  • 1 x DMX signal input & 2 outputs
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Product Summary

2-Ways x 2

2-Fer™ 3Pin is a 2-way power splitter + 2-way DMX splitter, all housed together in 1 convenient unit. It's an ideal accessory for use in any situation where powerCON® power cables and DMX cables are frequently used. It is also a great fit with Blizzard's DMX-PC (DMX + powerCON® compatible) combo cables. They are well-built, reliable, and designed to make lighting setups a whole lot simpler.

Highly Reliable

They come fitted with 1x 20A powerCON® compatible input and 2x 20A powerCON® compatible outputs (flush mounted), and they come with the choice of either 3-pin (2-FER-3PIN) or 5-pin (2-FER-5PIN) DMX connectors with 1 signal input and 2 signal outputs. The DMX connectors are 100% optically isolated, and they are equipped with a built-in 120Ω terminator/pass thru switch for proper DMX termination.


Tech Specs

120Ω terminator/pass thru switch

12/14 AWG internal wiring

Output power/signal LED status indicators

Housing Material: Steel

Threaded clamp mounting hole (M10)


1x DMX signal input

2x DMX signal outputs

1x powerCON® compatible input

2x powerCON® compatible outputs

Optically isolated 3-pin XLR connectors

Flush mounted power connectors


Operating Voltage: 110-240VAC, 50-60 Hz


2-year limited warranty

Dims & Weight

5.4" L x 3.3" W x 3.5" H

3.0 lbs