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These fixtures are fully functional and have gone through our rigorous quality control testing process. They work like new with potential signs of wear and tear caused by use in sales demonstrations, promotional content, or a prior sale. Their packaging may be generic. These fixtures are backed by Blizzard Lighting’s 90-day warranty.

2-Fer™ 3Pin

Power + 3-Pin DMX Signal Splitter

2-Fer™ 3Pin

2-Fer™ 3Pin

Power + 3-Pin DMX Signal Splitter


    * 1x DMX signal input * 2x DMX signal outputs * 1x powerCON® compatible input * 2x powerCON® compatible outputs * Optically isolated XLR connectors * Flush mounted power connectors * 3-pin XLR connectors * 120Ω terminator/pass thru switch * 12/14 AWG internal wiring * Output power/signal LED status indicators * Housing Material: Steel * Threaded clamp mounting hole (M10) * Well-built and highly reliable
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2-Fer™ 3Pin

2-Ways x 2

The 2-Fer™ is a 2-way power splitter + 2-way DMX splitter, all housed together in 1 convenient unit. It’s an ideal accessory for use in any situation where powerCON® power cables and DMX cables are frequently used, plus, it’s also a great fit with Blizzard’s DMX-PC (DMX + powerCON® compatible) combo cables. These well-built and reliable units are designed to make users lives and lighting setups a whole lot simpler!

Highly Reliable

2-Fer™ units are highly reliable and are fitted with 1x 20A powerCON® compatible input and 2x 20A powerCON® compatible outputs (flush mounted), plus, they come with the choice of either 3-pin DMX (2-FER-3PIN) or 5-pin (2-FER-5PIN) DMX connectors with 1 signal input and 2 signal outputs. The DMX connectors on 2-Fer™ splitters are 100% optically isolated, and the units are also equipped with a built-in 120Ω terminator/pass thru switch for completing a DMX chain properly.

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