IRiS™ FlyBar Case

Single/Dual Rigging Bar Case


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Durable + Dependable

The IRiS™ FlyBar Case is constructed with 3/8” plywood covered with a durable ABS plastic exterior laminate. It features tapered aluminum edging, steel ball corners, 4x steel spring loaded recessed handles with rubber hand grips, and fitted with steel recessed butterfly latches. It sits on heavy-duty locking casters, and each case has steel recessed caster cups on lid for case stacking.

Solid Construction

The interior of the case securely holds up to 15x IRiS dual, or 30x single rigging bars with its soft, durable interior foam material and closed-cell foam construction. The center divider is removable, and not needed with the shorter, single eye bolt rigging bars. This case will help keep things organized when not in use, and make transportation easy.

Main Features

* 3/8 Heavy Duty Plywood Construction * Strong ABS Plastic Exterior Laminate * Machine Riveted, Tongue & Groove Aluminum Extrusions * Spring Loaded, Recessed Catches and Handles * Steel Ball Corners * Recessed Hardware * Foam Lined Protective Interior * Heavy-duty Locking Casters Included

Product Specifications

Weight & Dimensions

Width: 47.7 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Height: 22.1 inches

Weight: 82lbs / 37.2kg


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