Cool Cable: DMX Technical Data

  • Conductor gauge: 0.34mm²
  • Conductor material: Oxygen free copper wire
  • Conductor stranding: 7*Φ0.20mm
  • Conductor diameter: Φ0.20mm
  • Conductor twists/M: 100 conductor twists/M
  • Lay direction: left
  • Insulation material: PE
  • Insulation diameter: Φ1.35mm
  • Wire pair color: red+white
  • Outer shield: (braid and foil) AL+PP+braid (0.12mm*64 tinned copper)
  • Outer jacket material: PVC
  • Overall nominal cable diameter: Φ6mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30°~70°
  • Bulk Cable Weight: 1.79kg/PC
  • Minimum Bend Radius (Install): ≥120mm
  • Nominal Characteristic Impedance: 100ohm
  • Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor @ 1KHz: 63PF/m
  • Nominal Cap Cond. To Other Cond. & Shield @ 1KHz: 105PF/m
  • Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 66%
  • Nominal Delay: 1.6 Nanoseconds per foot
  • Nominal Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C: ≤0.098ohm/m
  • Individual Pair Nominal Shield DC Resistance @ 20°C: ≤0.026ohm/m
  • Nominal Attenuation: 0.6 (@ 1 MH z) dB/100 ft
  • Max Recommended Current @ 25°C: 2.1 Amps per conductor

DMX-10Q (3-pin/10FT)

Cool Cable™ DMX Cables + Accessories


DMX-10Q (3-pin/10FT) Buy

Exceptionally Durable + Flexible

Cool Cable™ DMX cables are true high quality DMX cables with exceptionally durable and flexible construction. They meet the USITT standards for DMX512 cable specifications, 120 ohm impedance, low capacitance, and feature a double (foil and braid) shield. Unlike conventional cables that are not intended for data transmission, Cool Cable™ DMX cables offer reliable data transfer through its data-specific design, and wire wrapped 5 times tighter than a traditional XLR cable.


In addition, Cool Cable™ DMX cables feature an extra-flexible jacket material that is tough, abrasion-resistant, and remains flexible in hot or cold temperature environments. These DMX cables all come with a convenient velcro cable wrap to keep everything neat and tidy!

Main Features

* Double shield (foil and braid) * 120 ohm impedance * Conductors: 2 * Low capacitance * High quality true DMX cable * Color-coded connectors * Limited lifetime warranty

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