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Here It Is, That Mythical Fixture That You Never Thought You'd Find!



Here It Is, That Mythical Fixture That You Never Thought You'd Find!

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    * Compact intelligent moving head fixture * 70W (7x 10W) CREE® LED light source * 7 Dichroic Colors + White * 11/14-Channel DMX Control Modes * 4-Button LCD Control Panel * Pan: 540º/ Tilt: 270º (8-16 Bit Resolution) * Dual Gobo Wheels * Static Gobos: 7 Metal + Open * Rotating Gobos: 2 Glass, 4 Metal + Open * Gobo Size: 31.9mm * Rotating 3-Facet Prism * Variable Electronic Dimmer (0 – 100%) * Electronic Focus * Gobo-Flow, Rainbow-Flow + Shake w/Bi-Directional Rotation * Built-In Auto and Sound Activated Programs
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The Whole Enchilada

Built to impress, the G70™ is a precise, feature-rich moving head spot fixture that produces bright, even beams of light from its advanced LED optical system boasting 7x high output 10w CREE® LEDs. The combination of dual gobo wheels, a richly saturated color wheel, and a three-facet prism enables insanely entertaining effects and totally smooth gobo morphing!

Hello Gobos

With its 540/270 degree pan and tilt and dual gobo wheels (#1 rotating, with 2 metal, 4 glass + open, and #2 with 7 metal gobos + open), the G70™ will amaze your audience with a fast paced, single, rotating or layered dual gobo display. Other features include a 3-facet rotating prism effect, shake effects, and a 1-20Hz cycle strobe. Run your show in 11/17-channel DMX master/slave mode, on your choice of 3 awesome auto run programs, or even in automated sound active mode. The sky’s the limit!

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