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Rugged + Affordable

Many common lighting fixtures utilize the international standard IEC input/output system for power connection, and with the typical 5' cord included with most fixtures means running lots of extension cords. With our IEC power cables, users now have a rugged, affordable and simple solution to find freedom from extension cord land forever!

Lifetime Warranty

Blizzard IEC cables are direct replacements for any fixture with an IEC power input/output connector and are available in 6, 10, and 25-foot lengths. They offer 16 gauge wire, which is a perfect medium weight that is thick but not too unyielding. Plus, all Blizzard IEC cables are UL-listed and come with a lifetime warranty against defects!

Main Features

* Cable Type: Heavy-Duty 16AWG * Connectors: 3 prong male NEMA 5-15P to 3 prong female IEC C13 * Gauge: 16AWG * Max Voltage: 125V * Max Amperage: 13A * Color: Black * Certification: UL listed * RoHS Compliant

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