An Innovative Concept

LightShark Series is the first ever hardware lighting console range to offer wireless, web-based control User Interface from any smart device like a smartphone, tablet or computer. All this is combined with physical faders, encoders and independent DMX engine. With support for up to three connected devices simultaneously, LightShark sets a new standard concept for lighting control.

Simply Powerful

The LightShark range comprises two independent products, the LS-Core and the LS-1 console. The LS-1 brings together the best features from the world of innovative software-only lighting control and marries them to an intuitive, ergonomic assignable hardware control surface. The LS-Core omits the LS-1’s hardware control surface but offers exactly the same lighting control software, processing power, and smartphone/tablet-based software control interface.

Main Features

* Designed for fast programming, avoiding repetitive tasks. * Supports DMX-512, Art-Net, ACN, MIDI, UDP, OSC & HTTP. * Multi-touch UI: Allows multiple touch events simultaneously. * 8 DMX universes: 4096 channels to manage a complete show. * Edit your own fixture library with support for virtual modes. * Supports OSC control software or a MIDI console connection. * 10 main playbacks: 10 main playback faders. * 20 virtual playbacks: manage 30 playbacks in total. * Manual crossfade: Jump quickly between cues. * Cross-platform: No matter the OS, it is web based. * Built-in web server app, pre-loaded instantly in the web client. * Extended Cue memory: Up to 1200 cues. * Fanning function: Quick access to fanning. * Built-in FX engine: More than 20 customizable effects. * Submaster FX size & speed: Accurate effect control. * RGB & CMY Color Picker: Adjust the color with just a click. * Unlimited user palettes gives you a lot of possibilities. * Customizable Executors window: Ultrafast cue triggering. * Internal event scheduler: Useful for architectural applications.

Product Specifications


8 DMX Universes
LCD Menu
Manual Crossfade
Up to 4096 Fixtures
10 Main PlayBacks
20 Wing Faders
Built-in Fixture Editor
WIFI & 100/1000 Ethernet
Built-in Web Server App
MIDI & OSC Support
Up to 3 Simultaneous Displays
Internal Scheduler
Up to 1200 Cues
Fanning Function
Multi-Touch UI
Built-in Fx Engine
SubMaster Fx Size & Speed Editor


2x DMX output (XLR 3-pin and 5-pin)

Ethernet port (TCP/IP, ArtNet, sACN)

1x USB port

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions: 108 x 40 x 142 mm

Weight: 460g

Power & Current

External power adapter

Operating voltage: 90-250V, 50/60Hz


2-year limited warranty


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