Holds 6 HotBox™ Series LED Fixtures + Accessories


Hot-Pack-Carry™ Buy

Durable + Dependable

The Hot-Pack-Carry™ allows you to store and transport up to 6x HotBox™ Series LED par fixtures with style! This beautiful black carry bag is made from 600-denier ballistic nylon, and is a perfect lightweight and low cost solution to get your show on the road while keeping your fixtures looking like new.

Protect Your Lighting

It features an six space divider, a spacious front zippered storage pocket, and a dual strap carrying handle with secure velcro connector. It is also designed to securely attach to the handle assembly of Hot-Pack-Wheels™ (available with/without the Carry), which is a suitcase-style wheel/handle assembly that will make transportation even simpler. Hot-Pack-Carry™ bags + Hot-Pack-Wheels™ are a great way to protect, store, and transport all of your HotBox™ fixtures!

Main Features

* 600-denier ballistic nylon * 6-space divider * Spacious front zippered storage pocket * Dual strap carrying handle * Secure velcro connector * Designed to securely attach to the handle assembly of Hot-Pack-Wheels™ (sold separately)

Product Specifications

Weight & Dimensions

Inner Dimensions: 24.5(w) x 9.5(d) x 7.5(h) inches
Weight: 3 LBS


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