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Moving Head Carry Cases

These amazingly padded carry cases can hold two smaller sized moving head fixtures, each surrounded by approximately 2.5" of soft foam padding and separated in the middle by a padded divider. Smaller fixtures like the Flurry™ Beam, Flurry™ EXA, Stiletto™ Z3, Stimul-Eye™, Lil’ G™, Switchblade Micro™, Laser Blade G™, Snake Eyes Mini™, Stiletto™ Z6, Nova™, G-Streak™, Blade™ RGBW, and Blockhead™ Z9 nicely fit two fixtures per case.

Rugged, Lightweight

You can also remove the padded center divider for the ability to fit one (1) medium-sized moving head like the Blockhead™ Big Eye, Blockhead II™, Stiletto Z18™, Stiletto™ I7, Stiletto™ Glo 19, G-Max™, G70™, or any similarly sized larger fixtures. These are rugged, lightweight cases that are made from high quality 600-denier black ballistic nylon material, feature a large front zip storage pocket for all of your accessories, and also sport the ultra-cool Cloud Case™ logo.

Main Features

* Holds (2) small, or (1) medium-size fixture * Extra thick foam padding * Velcro attached, removable padded divider * Dual carry straps * 600-denier black ballistic nylon * Large front zip storage pocket

Product Specifications

Weight & Dimensions

Interior width: 20.5 inches (52cm)

Interior length: 12 inches (30.5cm)

Interior depth (per side): 3.8 inches (9.5cm)

Long side(s) sponge thickness: 2.4 inches (6cm)

Outer parameter sponge thickness: 2.6 inches (6.5cm)

Inner divider: 11.8 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches (30 x 9.5 x 6cm)

Outer dimensions: 25.8 x 12.8 x 17.2 inches (65.4 x 32.4 x 43.5)

Weight: 4.1 pounds (1.84kg)


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