Cool Cables™ powerCON® Coupler

powerCON® Compatible Main Power + Interconnect Cables


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Heavy Duty Power Cords

Power up your equipment with Cool Cable™ heavy duty power cords! We use industry standard/high quality Edison connectors and 3-conductor locking powerCON® compatible plugs with contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact.

Coupler Unit

Also available is our powerCON® (compatible) coupler unit for linking cables together; one side fitted with female (blue) and the other side with female (white) connectors.

Main Features

* powerCON® to powerCON® interconnect cables * powerCON® to Edison Main power cables * powerCON® to powerCON® coupler * 3 conductor cord, heavy duty - black * 3-conductor locking plugs * 14 AWG cable (POWERCON-EDISON-OUT - 12 AWG) * Maximum amperage: 15 amps * Various cable lengths available

Product Specifications


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