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The OG Flat PAR Can


The OG Flat PAR Can


    • RGBAW color mixing via 198x 10mm LEDs (36x each R/G/B/A/W) • Easy to use IR remote control • Variable electronic strobe • Variable electronic dimmer (0 – 100%) • Color Preset (3-Ch), RGBAW (5-Ch) & extended (12-Ch) DMX modes • Built-in chase macros via DMX • Built-in colors in Standalone, Master/Slave and DMX • Beam Angle: 21°, Field Angle: 32° • Lux: 4,075 @ 1m • Built-in automated programs via master/slave • Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave • Easy to use LED control panel • Running hours display • Rugged all-metal case with dual mounting yokes • IEC power in & daisy chain connections to connect up to 50 fixtures • Use The Puck RGBAW in ANY position, including flat on the floor! • Two-piece mounting yoke allows flexibility in positioning
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Couch Potato Friendly

The original, super cool, super affordable flat LED par can just got the ultimate couch potato makeover! Now you can kick back in your lazy chair with total control of all your new Puck™ RGBAW lighting fixtures using your IR wireless remote control. With an overall depth of 2.5" and a main depth of about 1", The Puck™ RGBAW is one thin PAR. 98x Edison® .5W 10mm LEDs also make it big on output, while an LED control panel and power daisy chain connectors make it flexible and perfect for uplighting.

Full O’ Features

The Puck™ RGBAW features 3, 5 and 12-channel control modes which means it works great with virtually any type of controller. Plus, the built-in 4 character/4 button LED control panel allows total control over the fixture, including sound active and standalone modes, display invert, and service hour readout. Its IEC power in and daisy chain connections, 3-pin DMX connections, and LED control panel are all strategically placed on the back of the unit in a way that allows you to use the Puck™ RGBAW in ANY position, including flat on the floor!

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