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Q-Stick™ RGBW

Q is for Quad!

Q-Stick™ RGBW

Q is for Quad!


    * RGBW color mixing from 9x 10W RGBW Quad-Color (4-in-1) LEDs * Ultra-rugged all-metal enclosure with metal mounting bracket. * powerCON® compatible power in/out connectors * 3-pin AND 5-pin DMX connectors * All connectors placed on opposite sides of the fixture for easy daisy-chaining * Multi-mode and user-programmable 16-bit dimmer & strobe * User selectable 4 (RGBW)/7/11 DMX channel operation * 8 user-definable built-in programs/colors in standalone mode * Full 256-step RGBW color mixing in standalone mode * Easy to use LED control panel * Rugged all-metal case with metal mounting bracket * Aluminum mounting bracket w/ locking knobs * Able to directly power the wiCICLE® wireless system via DMX
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Exceptional Linear Wash

Our Q-Stick™ RGBW fixture is an exceptional linear wash/batten-style fixture loaded with 9x 10-watt quad-color RGBW LEDs. The fixture’s quad-color RGBW LEDs provide a vastly increased color gamut and drastically reduced multicolored shadowing versus conventional LEDs. The Q-Stick™’s 4/7/11-channel DMX modes, multi-mode strobe and 16-bit user-adjustable dimming curves make it an especially great choice for theatrical and production work.

Ergonomically Designed

Programming is a snap with the Q-Stick’s large LED control panel. Linear wash fixture is well constructed with powerCON® compatible power in/out connectors and 3-pin DMX connectors for easy daisy-chaining of DMX and power. With 8 user-definable built-in colors and full 256-step RGBW color mixing in standalone and DMX modes, the Q-Stick™ is a perfect solution for accent lighting.

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