StormChaser™ Supercell

1-meter LED Wash + Pixel FX

StormChaser™ Supercell

StormChaser™ Supercell

1-meter LED Wash + Pixel FX


    •  Color mixing via 224x 5050RGB/0.2W LEDs

    •  16 individually controllable cells

    •  59 built-in auto/sound active macros w/speed control

    •  Auto and sound active programs via DMX

    •  Variable electronic strobe

    •  Easy-to-use 4-button LED control panel

    •  5V USB to power SoC-It™ wireless unit (not included)

    •  Flicker-free (10KHz PWM) dimming

    •  Built-in microphone  

    •  Dual mounting brackets

    •  7/20/52-channel DMX modes

    •  Includes 3 lenses (frosted, opaque, and clear)

    •  Operating modes: DMX512, M/S, auto mode, sound active, RDM

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StormChaser™ Supercell

LED Wash + Pixel Effects

StormChaser™ Supercell is a 1-meter RGB wash + pixel effect light fixture with a total of 224x super-bright 5050RGB/0.2W LEDs. It can create vivid colored wash effects, and its 16x individually grouped cells can deliver spectacular fast-paced visual effects via DMX, auto, or sound active modes.

Loaded with Features

Color mixing and presets are available directly using its 4-button LED control panel, as well as 59 amazing built-in color chase effects. Completely different looks can also be created by using any of its 3 interchangeable lens options (frosted, opaque, and clear), which are all included.


*BONUS* Supercell includes a 5V USB which can power our SoC-It™ wireless DMX controller (not included).

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