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Hear that? That’s the thunder(stik) rolling in.



Hear that? That’s the thunder(stik) rolling in.


    • 5x 15W high output RGBW Quad-Color OSRAM™ LEDs • Moving head with fast and quiet 250º tilt via 3-phase motors • Sharp multicolor moving beam effects • Narrow 5º beam angle • Smooth 0–100% linear dimmer • Built-in color macros via DMX • Built-in automated programs via master/slave • Built-in sound active programs • Includes 30/60 degree light diffusers • RGBW color mixing ability in standalone mode • DMX-512, Auto, Sound Active, & Master-Slave • powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors • USITT DMX-512 (12/32 Channels) • 3/5-pin DMX Input/Output • 4-button control panel menu with 3-color LCD display
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Fog Cutter

Meet the powerful new weapon on the war on darkness! The ThunderStik™ can cut through the thickest of fog with ease with its 5x 15W RGBW Quad-Color OSRAM™ LEDs and capture the hearts of an entire crowd with its incredible sharp 5º colored beams. Its super fast 250º motorized tiltable head with 3-phase motors can bring down a brilliant moving multi-colored 5-beam array with mesmerizing scanner effects. The included set of diffusion filters allow for softening light output and increasing the beam angle to either 30º or 60º wide.

Full RGBW Control

Controlling ThunderStik™ fixtures are a breeze in either Reduced Mode (12-channel) or Standard Mode (32-channel), which both allow smooth 0–100% linear dimming, multiple strobe effects, tilt control, tilt speed, macro effects, RGBW color mixing, separate background color control, built-in patterns, and speed controllable scanner effects. Standard Mode goes a step further to also allow users total control of each individual LED’s R/G/B/W intensity levels.

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