Accessibility Disclaimer

At Blizzard Lighting, LLC, we are committed to providing a user-friendly experience for all of our visitors, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We strive to ensure that our website is accessible to the widest possible audience, including those using assistive technologies.

However, it is important to note that achieving complete accessibility is an ongoing process. Despite our best efforts to make all pages and content fully accessible, there may be instances where certain elements or features may not be fully optimized for accessibility. This could be due to factors beyond our control, such as third-party integrations or limitations imposed by external software.

We acknowledge the importance of accessibility compliance and are continuously working towards improving the accessibility features of our website. Our team is dedicated to addressing any accessibility issues promptly and efficiently to enhance the browsing experience for all users.

While we strive to meet the highest accessibility standards, we encourage users to understand that accessibility requirements may vary from person to person. We encourage users with specific accessibility needs to reach out to us directly and provide feedback so that we can further improve our website's accessibility features.

Please note that third-party websites or applications linked from our site may have their own accessibility standards and policies. We cannot be held responsible for the accessibility features or compliance of external websites or applications.

We value feedback and suggestions from our users. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have any suggestions to improve the accessibility of our website, please contact us through the provided contact information. We appreciate your support and are committed to making our website as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Last updated: 5/31/2023

Blizzard Lighting Accessibility Team