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Time to Rock with Blizzard Lighting & TESLA


Legendary rock band TESLA needed an impressive LED video wall to rock the crowd for the 40+ shows of their 2022 “Let’s Get Real!” US Tour.


Larry Suhr, owner of Sure Sound & Lighting, spec’d 42x IRiS® GT3 XL video panels and worked with Robert Sanders, Lighting Designer & Production Manager for TESLA to deliver a stellar video wall.


The panels have weathered 80 mph winds and rowdy, rockin’ shows, and still deliver a great contrast ratio that makes venues say “hey, your wall is better than ours!”

Since forming in 1985, TESLA has been rocking at venues alongside the likes of Def Leppard and Aerosmith in their earlier years, and Styx & Joan Jet and the Blackhearts most recently. Their loyal fanbase expects a punchy, time-warping show, and the TESLA team delivers a feast of eye candy to match its incredible aural experience.

“It’s clear, it’s smooth, it’s seamless,” says Robert (Bobby) Sanders about the IRiS® LED video wall, “I only need to use it at 30% power during shows and the saturation, image quality and contrast ratio are all impressive. We regularly show up to venues and when they see our wall they say, ‘hey, your wall is better than ours!’” Bobby has been the lighting designer and production manager for the band since 2018. He manages the lighting and video wall pixel mapping separately and uses the NovaStar® VX6S all-in-one video controller and Arkaos MediaMaster system to layer content on the 3 displays separately, or span the width of the wall when needed.

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The Ultimate Pit Crew

Thanks to their production-ready touring carts and ingenious one-arm locking paddles, setup of IRiS® GT3 XL panels is a breeze. “It takes about 5 minutes to roll out the carts, connect the cables and get the panels up,” says Larry Suhr, owner of Sure Sound and Lighting. Larry has been with the band for 20+ years and his company specializes in concert stages, roofing, lighting and audio for live events.

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A Seamless Experience

“The band doesn’t want to perform without the wall,” said Jimmy Dean Robson, tour manager for the band. And they won’t have to. Blizzard Lighting QCs every panel before it is shipped out, and offers the industry’s only No Fears for 7 Years warranty to make sure the show always goes on.

Sure Sound & Lighting, Inc. has 35+ years of experience in the AVL industry.