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Upgrading to LED Lighting at Boulder Valley Christian Church


Costly and outdated stage lighting was holding Boulder Valley Christian Church back. They decided it was time to upgrade to LED and contacted Brian Hill at UE Productions.


Brian decided to give the team a complete color palette to work with, selecting 5 Aria™ Profile WW, 4 Aria™ Profile RGBW and 5 Rokbox 5 RGBAW lights to highlight the stage.


On top of the more impactful In-person services and livestreams, the church is also saving time and money on lighting maintenance and energy bills.

When Brian Hill at UE Productions received a call from Boulder Valley Christian Church to update their stage lighting to LED, he knew the church would experience significant energy savings. “They had some old lighting that required 400 amps of power, but also required them to get on a lift every few months to change the bulbs,” said Brian. “The stage lighting just wasn’t doing what it could be for them.”

Aria™ Profile RGBW

180W RGBW COB LED Ellipsoidal

Getting Creative with Vibrant Color Palettes

Brian and his lighting designer Justin Kohler decided to go with 5 Aria™ Profile WW, 4 Aria™ Profile RGBW and 5 Rokbox 5 RGBAW lights by Blizzard to give the team a complete color palette to work with and allow for more creative bandwidth on stage. “The previous lights were just warm white, so adding the color with Aria RGBW and Rokbox RGBAW allowed them to get more creative with some of the scenes on stage,” said Brian. “The Aria warm white color is also better than what they had before, so the camera exposure translates much better on their livestreams and video recordings now.“

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Accessible + Unmatched Customer Support

As first-time customers of Blizzard, the team is impressed with both the performance of the lights, and the company behind them. “They’re great products, with strong warranties to back them up, and the team is accessible, you can reach out and talk to someone and get what you need quickly,” said Brian. “And as someone who has used Chauvet & Martin, the workflow is easy and there is a direct correlation across the brands, so it’s easy to jump to Blizzard and incorporate it on set.”