Step into the spotlight with Blizzard’s unique DMX lighting, designed for artists who dare to be different. From classic beams to dynamic shapes, put on a light show that's as unique as your sound.



Infinipix™ Spektro is unique, lightweight, and delivers larger than life retro-style graphic EQ LED effects that are perfect for installation and mobile entertainers alike. It offers 7x diffused LED blocks, each containing 28x SMD 5050 RGB LEDs, and comes with mounting brackets, hardware to connect fixtures together (horizontally and vertically), plus a flip-out stand for quick floor-standing setups.



Infinipix™ Cyclone can deliver a unique experience with vibrant RGB color mixing, intense strobe effects (variable, pulse or random), and 85 animated pattern effects that can bidirectionally spin, swirl, swipe, tunnel, burst, and more. The patterns are color and speed adjustable, and most allow RGB mixed color backgrounds to be layered in behind the animation effects, allowing users even more creative potential.



StormChaser™ Supercell is a 1-meter RGB wash + pixel effect light fixture with a total of 224x super-bright 5050RGB/0.2W LEDs. It can create vivid colored wash effects, and its 16x individually grouped cells can deliver spectacular fast-paced visual effects via DMX, auto, or sound active modes.


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HYPE™ 150

Hype™ 150 is small in size, yet features high output professional effects and eye-candy. It is super-bright thanks to its 150W white LED source, and it offers a 16° beam angle with motorized focus that will keep your light shows looking nice and sharp.



SPOTMAN™ is 1 of 4 products in the Blizzard Mixtape Series line of affordable & high-quality lighting effects. It features a bright 30W white LED light source, 13° optics, and lightning fast 540°/270° pan & tilt.


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