Built For The Road: IRiS® GT™ Series LED Video Wall Products

July 10, 2023

Blizzard Lighting’s Newest IP65-Rated Panels Drive for Touring Dominance

Waukesha, Wis. – Precision. Speed. Endurance. Blizzard Lighting’s new IRiS® GT Series LED  Video Products are engineered for peak touring performance, stage after stage, and mile after mile.

IRiS GT’s launch panels are available with either rotomolded flight cases or 6m2tour carts, featuring 3.9mm pixel pitch IP65-rated designs, and can be combined within the same wall for exceptional flexibility:  

  • IRiS® GT3 (500x500mm, HDR-capable, 128x128mm resolution, 4,500cd/m2)
  • IRiS® GT3 XL (500x1000mm, HDR-capable, 128x256mm resolution, 4,500cd/m2)

Under the hood, GT3 panels offer high-performance processing with NovaStar’s A8s series  receiving cards with HDR10 & HLG support, automatic module calibration, image rotation, and more.  Powered by very high output NationStar® RGB 1921 LEDs and meticulously fitted to an aluminum  die cast, CNC-finished chassis, GT3 panels set the pace for tour performance.

“IRiS GT panels are built to tour, and will outpace the competition every time.” says Blizzard Lighting CEO &  Chairman of the Bored Will Komassa. “Their output, color gamut and on-the-go features like single person installation and available tour carts put them an echelon above any other similarly-priced  product on the market.”

One-arm locking of GT panels make setup a breeze for the entire pit crew; or even a solo driver. The  panels’ innovative design allows for front-serviceable maintenance to both modules and the control  box.

The ETL-listed, GT series’ production-ready touring carts can hold 12x GT3 XL panels or 24x GT3  panels in an open frame for a more efficient wall assembly. The panels can form perfectly linear or  curved LED displays with their simple, two-step locking system to adjust the desired angle (±10°).

IRiS® GT™ Series IP65-Rated Pro Touring Video Panels Built w/ NovaStar™ A8s HD technology by Blizzard Lighting, LLC

Work smarter not harder with GT’s ATA-spec flight cases that feature self-aligning magnetic casters,  which makes stacking cases for transport a breeze. GT cases fit up to six 500x500mm panels, or  four 500x1000mm XL panels. Single- and double-panel rigging/fly bars are available, and all GT  panels are packaged with 1x powerCON®-compatible 4.5' interconnect cable, 1x etherCON®- compatible 4.5' interconnect cable.

Back by popular demand, the GT series joins Blizzard Lighting’s IRiS® ICON line under the industry’s only  seven-year limited warranty—No Fears for 7 Years—with coverage designed to keep panels in the  field, not in a repair shop. And as NovaStar’s #1 distributor in the United States, Blizzard Lighting  continues to provide an array of video control solutions, as well as local service and support.

About Blizzard Lighting, LLC

Blizzard Lighting, headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., is a leader in LED video and pro & entertainment  lighting. You can find Blizzard Lighting’s products working hard in venues around the world, from the courts  of college basketball’s biggest tournament to the Kentucky Derby and Roman Colosseum. To learn more, visit us at www.blizzardpro.com.