Introducing IRiS® ICON™ LED Video Wall Products

May 22, 2024

Blizzard Lighting’s Next-Gen Video Series is Larger than Live

Waukesha, Wis. (August 9, 2021) – Do you remember being young? How everything in your world was just plain… amazing? Incredible? Larger than life?

Well, it’s never too late to grow a little young. Blizzard Lighting is proud to announce its newest family of products, the IRiS® ICON LED video wall series, built to take your imagination places it hasn’t been for decades!

The ICON series consists of four different video panels, with a combination of indoor and outdoor IP65-rated models:

IRiS® ICON 2.6 (Ultra High-Res Headliner, 2.6mm pixel pitch, indoor, 500x500mm, HDR-capable, 800cd/m2)
IRiS® ICON 2.9 (Portable Indoor Panel Perfection, 2.9mm pixel pitch, indoor, 500x500mm, HDR-capable, 1,000cd/m2)
IRiS® ICON IP3 (The All-Weather ICON, 3.9mm pixel pitch, indoor/outdoor IP65, 500x500mm, HDR-capable, 4,500cd/m2)
IRiS® ICON IP3 XL (The Feature-Packed Double Stack, 3.9mm pixel pitch, indoor/outdoor IP65, 500x1000mm, HDR-capable, 4,500cd/m2)

ICON panels are built with NovaStar’s A8s series of receiving cards, which feature HDR10 & HLG support, automatic module calibration, image rotation, and more. This advanced technology is coupled with NationStar® RGB 1921 LEDs, fitted into an extremely lightweight aluminum die cast frame.

“Developing IRiS ICON with these innovative technologies was a no-brainer,” says Blizzard Lightiing CEO & Chairman of the Bored Will Komassa. “The market can change quickly, so offering products that adapt to application use and customer needs is vital. And as NovaStar’s #1 distributor in the United States, we provide an array of video solutions, not to mention local service and support.”

At only sixteen pounds, ICON panels are designed to be more efficient and user-friendly. Panels are in perfect locking position right out of the case, and lock together with a single flick of the thumb. ICON video panels also include one-touch retractable metal corner protectors, blackout gaskets & ground support locks within a 2-module frame that allows for both front and back maintenance.

The series has one exception—an exceptional upgrade—the ICON IP3 XL panel which is 500x1000mm in dimension, offering double the star power with the same, great technology and special features. It’s ideal for rental, installation and virtual production, as are all of the ETL-listed panels in the ICON series.

Whether on the road or in a studio, IRiS ICON includes upgraded ATA-spec road cases with self-aligning magnetic casters, which makes stacking cases for transport a breeze. ICON cases fit up to eight 500x500mm panels, or five 500x1000mm XL panels. Single- and double-panel rigging/fly bars are available, and all ICON panels are packaged with 1x powerCON®-compatible 4.5' interconnect cable, 1x etherCON®-compatible 4.5' interconnect cable.

Blizzard Lighting is also excited to announce that ICON LED video products are backed by the industry’s only seven-year limited warranty—No Fears for 7 Years—with coverage designed to keep panels in the field, not in a repair shop.

“We put a lot of heart & soul into this product line—plus some adolescent, wide-eyed wonder—to present more than just LED video,” says Komassa. “IRiS ICON is an experience. It’s for everyone at the show, not just the front row; it’s for the congregation to see your message 20 feet high; and for the in-camera visual effects in your next commercial, or maybe even your first movie. IRiS ICON is your experience to create, and we stand by it, larger than live.”

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