IRiS™ R3 LED Video Wall Installed at Grace City Church

July 10, 2023

Located in the heart of Lakeland, Florida, Grace City Church is part of the Hillsong Family. With an everlasting desire to serve their city and impact the world, they decided to build a second place of worship, which became their new Lakeside campus.

Grace City wanted to bring a large visual element to the newly-renovated building that would tie the entire room together. The team at MABE Production & Installation suggested going with an LED video wall to bring that vision to life.

IRiS R3 (3.9mm) ETL listed indoor video panels at Grace City Church_Lakeland, Florida 2019_Blizzard Lighting

MABE selected Blizzard Lighting's ETL-listed IRiS R3 LED video panels because of the configuration flexibility to use floor truss, as well as the overall price point. IRiS R3 panels feature a 3.9mm pixel pitch that gives outstanding resolution (128x128) along with a clear and crisp picture.

IRiS R3 (3.9mm pixel pitch) video panels at Grace City Church_Lakeland, Florida 2019_Blizzard Lighting

R3 video panels are ETL listed with 1200nit brightness, versatile for either indoor rental or permanent installations. Their 1920Hz refresh rate is ideal for capturing performance both in-person and on camera.

The panels are controlled with the NovaStar® TB6 LED video controller, which is part of the Taurus series, featuring powerful hardware processing capabilities that support 1080P video hardware decoding and more.

IRiS R3 (3.9mm) ETL listed for indoors, 1920Hz refresh rate video panels at Grace City Church_Lakeland, Florida 2019_Blizzard Lighting

IRiS R3 is operated with Renewed Vision’s PVP program. This allows Grace City to create different layers and effects to be displayed on the LED Wall.  To start, Grace City chose to go with a straight wall across the stage, however Blizzard Lighting's R3 panels also have the ability to curve 5° convex and 10° concave. This gives Grace City the ability to change and create different stage backdrops with these well-designed panels.

The church is very pleased with the impressive look and reliability of the wall, which has been a stunning addition to the AVL installation at their Lakeside location.