Meet Enigma™ M4 – A Next-Gen FX Engine & Flagship Console by Blizzard Lighting

July 10, 2023

Waukesha, Wis. (August 11, 2020) – It’s no mystery; the Enigma M4 lighting console is best in (light) show with its next-gen effects engine offering infinite creativity, and it’s brand new from Blizzard Lighting.

Intuitively designed, Enigma M4 allows real-time control of 4 universes (2,048 channels) via Art-Net, or 2x universes (1,024 channels) when using its optically isolated, rear DMX outputs.

The control panel provides three-color, adjustable back-lit buttons (red, green, or yellow); four backlit encoders (blue); 15 linear faders (+40 pages); and 20 playback keys (+20 pages) which make programming a breeze for anyone.

“We had multiple users in mind when developing this console, allowing for both effortless pre-programmed shows and smooth, on-the-fly application,” describes Lucas Alonso, Product Design Manager at Blizzard Lighting. “And with substantial storage of cues, groups and effects, users have the opportunity to explore almost any desired lighting combination.”

Enigma M4’s robust, professional feature set takes the system to another level with a 7-inch TFT-LCD touch screen, and a fully-loaded keypad command section for operation of 400 (each) of groups, presets, macros, and user-defined shape effects. Plus, it has a built-in library supporting over 8,000 fixtures.

It offers MIDI I/O to connect it alongside other consoles, or trigger effects using an external midi device. Audio triggering can be accomplished with its built-in microphone, or directly input audio using its quarter-inch mono audio jack.

The controller is equipped with an internal HDD to backup and store show data, and it also has a USB port to connect an external drive for greater storage capacity.

Enigma M4 is now available to pre-order and ships with its own flight case. Limited-edition preorders also include a custom dust cover and USB gooseneck lamp. The lighting console is expected to ship on September 1, 2020. Click here to learn more & pre-order.

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