Motif™ Atelier 16FX and Atelier 8FX - a Mix of Rugged Elegance Inspires Blizzard Lighting Modern Dance Troop

May 22, 2024

Waukesha, Wis. (August 23, 2018) – Blizzard Lighting introduces its next generation of LED linear wash lights, the Motif Atelier 16FX and 8FX. With two sizes, 1-meter (16FX) and 0.5-meter (8FX), the Atelier offers RGB+WW 4-in-1 color mixing and pixel effects via 15W, individually controllable high output LEDs. It mimics tungsten-source lighting to produce soft, warm white tones or add more warmth to the blend of any RGB mixed color. It adds a touch of elegance to any lighting design.

Motif Atelier’s innovative asymmetrical 10x40° optics are ideally suited for vertical wash applications along walls, scrims, and other boundaries. It projects a 10° soft edge when parallel to minimize spill away. When perpendicular, Atelier’s 40° angle along the long axis mixes individual LEDs into a homogeneous wash or allows multiple swaths of color to overlap for spectacular gradients and pixel effects.

The fixture’s elegance is matched by its rugged durability. The IP65-rated wash lights can withstand the harshest environments and feature DMX connectors and powerCON® TRUE1-compatible power connectors with sealing rubber covers. The ultra-durable housing has a fanless, natural convection cooled design; a perfect solution for sound sensitive environments.

The phenomenal mix of rugged elegance is influencing more than Blizzard’s lights. CEO and Chairman of the Bored, Will Komassa was inspired to start troop Danse de le Neige Battante, which is French for Dance of the Fighting Blizzard. Komassa serves both as lead dancer and choreographer. He describes the style as a mix of Modern Interpretive, Jazz Fusion, and Krav Maga (Israeli Combat Fighting).  

“The Motif Atelier 16FX and 8FX are such beautiful, versatile fixtures. We need the same beauty and versatility in our employees. Dance fighting is the obvious answer. I’m not talking Sharks/Jets here. I’ve created something not only emotional and evocative but also incredibly deadly. Now enough with the questions or I’ll roundhouse plié that notepad right out of your hand.”

All Blizzard Lighting employees are required to perform with Danse de le Neige Battante and endure a rigorous training schedule including 6 hours of dance and combat training daily. Komassa also implemented an optional Bro-ga class, combining Break Dance Fighting with Pilates and Yoga.

The Blizzard Lighting Motif Atelier 16FX and 8FX are available for pre-order now through any Blizzard Lighting authorized dealer or online. Tour dates for troop Danse de le Neige Battante are expected sometime in early 2021.

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