New Wireless Battery Par Uncovered! Hemisphere™ with At Full™ app Wireless DMX Control

July 10, 2023

Waukesha, Wis. (May 3, 2021) – Get ready to conquer (the other) half of the world with this versatile, battery-powered fixture offering LED beam, wash & glow effects that will give you spheres for years!

Hemisphere is a new 15W 4-in-1 RGBW lighting effect fixture fitted with a single LED light source. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has a ten-hour runtime, and runs up to 16 hours on a single color. An 8.5V 2000ma charger is also included.

At its core, Hemisphere is designed with built-in wireless compatibility for DMX control via the At Full lighting control app—internally developed software by Blizzard Lighting—which is available on both iOS & Android. Additionally, users can control DMX with Art-Net, sACN, and WiFi-enabled devices, plus manual or remote control options.

New product Hemisphere™ 15-watt RGBW wireless battery par LED effect light fixture compatible with At Full™ app wireless DMX control Blizzard Lighting

“The compact size of this fixture provides outstanding versatility, not to mention the mounting options, diffusers and dome, which create unlimited lighting options.” says Lucas Alonso, Product Design Manager at Blizzard Lighting. “The ability to control Hemisphere with At Full over standard 2.4Ghz networks makes it show ready without the need to purchase expensive wireless transmitters or software.”

Hemisphere has an 8° beam angle, includes both 15° & 30° beam diffusers, and a translucent PC dome cover which provides an intense, colored glow among its beam and wash light effects.

Lightweight and portable, this compact LED par can be easily mounted anywhere using its hanging brackets, magnetic base, or kickstand to create rich color via floor mounting.

Color controls include a virtual color wheel with 15 static color presets + RGBW color mixing. Hemisphere features 15 built-in chase & fade presets with speed control, strobe effects, smooth dimming, and is backed by Blizzard Lighting’s 2-year warranty and exceptional customer support and service.

Hemisphere is now shipping direct from Blizzard Lighting’s HQ, and is available throughout the U.S. from their authorized resellers.

About Blizzard Lighting, LLC

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., Blizzard Lighting is a leader in LED video and professional & entertainment lighting. You can find their products working hard in venues around the world, from the courts of college basketball’s biggest tournament to the Kentucky Derby and Roman Colosseum.