Cyc Out™

The Ultimate Jekyll + Hyde Light

Cyc Out™

Cyc Out™

The Ultimate Jekyll + Hyde Light


    * 256 x (64x R/G/B/W) 3W LEDs, 50,000-100,000 hours * Dual zone control (top/bottom) in 27ch DMX mode * Individual R/G/B/W intensity, strobe duration, and rate control * Wide 60° beam angle, plus 2 leaf barndoor set * User-selectable 32-bit dimming curves * Variable electronic dimming & strobe * Automated temperature controlled, or continuous fan cooling * Static color mixing in standalone mode * Flicker-free constant-current 1500Hz LED driver * Micro OLED display menu with 4x touch sensitive buttons * Mounting bracket w/stabilizers for free standing positioning * 9/15/27-channel DMX modes * 3/5-pin male input and 3/5-pin female output * powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors
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Cyc Out™

1 Light, 2 Functions

If you sometimes find yourself needing a cyc light and other times a strobe light, we designed this one just for you. Meet Cyc Out™, a dual purpose LED light capable of tradition cyc light duties while also taking on the ability to produce RGBW colored strobe and blinder effects without the need of gels. It’s all possible due to its 256x (64x RGBW) 3W LEDs and a 60° beam angle. This light is projected forward and enhanced by a parabolic reflector (rather than directly forward like most LED strobes.)

Independent Zone Control

The strobe rate, intensity, and duration of the pulse are all fully controllable in both standalone and DMX modes. The Cyc Out™ rounds out its features with 3 DMX channel modes: 9-channel allows RGBW color mixing, 15-channel is color mixing + strobe, and 27-channel is color mixing + strobe, and the added ability of independent (top/bottom) zone control.

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