DMX 512 Lighting Control

Eclipse DMX™ Lighting Software is a simple and easy to use DMX 512 Lighting control program for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit compatible). It comes loaded with over 30 pre-programmed shapes for moving heads or scanners and over 30 RGBAW Color FX pre-programmed into the software for “Ready to Go” effect creation. Plus, it features easy custom movement FX creation!

Loaded With Features

Eclipse DMX™ allows sequences to be stacked for playback of multiple sequences at once, or locked, to facilitate lighting different zones or fixtures without impacting others. Multiple Interfaces can be used on the same computer via multiple USB ports or a USB Hub. The software features a huge fixture profile library with over 1,000 profiles at software launch with more profiles being added with each software update. Its position presets allow “looks” to be recorded and placed in sequences, then globally edited at a later time, without re-programming each sequence.

For Windows 8 & 10: Firmware Update
This MUST be done on Windows 7 or XP Computers.

1.) Download and Unzip this file.
2.) Run the FT_PROG.exe App.
3.) With the dongle interface connected select ‘scan and parse’.
4.) Go to file -> Open template.
5.) Select workinMprog
6.) Hit the lightning icon (program)
7.) A dialog will appear, select the device in the list and hit the program button on the bottom of the window.