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etherCON® & powerCON® Compatible Combo Cable - 10ft




  • Ethernet cable: Cat5e
  • 4Px26AWG flexible data transmission cable
  • Lockable RJ45 male connectors
  • Ethernet cable: Cat5e
  • 4Px26AWG flexible data transmission cable
  • Lockable RJ45 male connectors

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Simplify Your Setup

Make your lighting setup simpler and cleaner with Cool Cable ECPC combo cables, which are both etherCON + powerCON compatible. They can replace any set of individual power and DMX extensions with a single neatly wrapped cable. They come in various lengths, and can be used to link the power and data of any equipment with DMX and etherCON input/output connections.

Heavy-Duty Power Cable with Reliable Connectors

The power cable features heavy-duty 14AWG wire and is fitted with powerCON compatible input (blue) to output (white) connectors on either end. The power connector fitted to the fixture and fixture cord are designed for compatibility with products manufactured by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA, and their related entities. However, they are not manufactured by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA, or any related entity. Neutrik, powerCON, TRUE1, and etherCON are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG.

Tech Specs

Power & Signal Cable

Cool Cable™ ECPC cables can replace individual power and etherCON® cables with a single wrapped cable. They are available in various lengths, and built with industry standard, UL recognized components. The power cable features 14AWG wiring, and they come fitted with a powerCON® compatible input and output power connectors.

Reliable Data Transfer

The etherCON® compatible cable is a Cat5e shielded network signal cable with lockable male RJ45 style connectors. It is flexible, high quality, and is optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network applications. Both cables are encased together in a flexible outer jacket with heat shrink, and velcro straps are included with each cable.


Power & Current


General Specs

Signal/Data Cable:

Lockable RJ45 male connectors

Flexible PVC jacket

Power Cable:

powerCON® compatible input/output connectors

Heavy duty black cord

Hang Time




Rigging & Application
Tech Specs

Signal/Data Cable:

Ethernet cable: Cat5e

4Px26AWG flexible data transmission cable

Heavy duty, double shielded twisted pair

Power Cable:

Heavy-Duty 14AWG

Conductors: 3

Maximum amperage: 15 amps

Wireless Info
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