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These fixtures are fully functional and have gone through our rigorous quality control testing process. They work like new with potential signs of wear and tear caused by use in sales demonstrations, promotional content, or a prior sale. Their packaging may be generic. These fixtures are backed by Blizzard Lighting’s 90-day warranty.

G-Max™ 150

A Moving Light that Knows How to Please


G-Max™ 150

A Moving Light that Knows How to Please


    * Single 150W white LED light source * 16-bit smooth pan and tilt resolution * Pan: 540° Tilt: 270° with 3-phase motors * Automatic pan/tilt position correction * User selectable 21/23/24-channel DMX modes * 7 colors + open color wheel with half-colors * 2 gobo wheels, 1 static/1 rotating both with 7 gobos + open * 3/8-facet dual prism with variable speed and direction * 0-100% linear LED dimmer * Extremely silent cooling fans * 3-pin and 5-pin male/female input and outputs * powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors

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Brighter, Faster, Stronger, Longer

With an eyeball-ripping 150-watt LED light source and a bag filled with lighting goodies, G-Max150 is built to impress! Gobos? How about two wheels, each with 7 gobos, including 7 rotating, indexing and interchangeable. Glass? You bet! We've got 4 of them installed and ready to rock. We’ll even throw two extra gobos - so you can change things up when you're feeling saucy.

Customization Station

Wanna break things up a little? Do it all with G-Max's 3-facet AND 8-facet rotating, indexable prism. Going for a more smooth, sultry look? Try G-Max's frost filter for that subtle glow that satisfies, then blow 'em out of the water with the pinpoint accuracy and beam shaping from G-Max's smooth, multi-mode iris. Did we mention speed? We didn't call it G-Max on accident. That's "Max" as in "maximum speed and performance.” We've got 3-phase steppers under the hood for 540° pan in 2.2 seconds, and 270° tilt in under 1.2 seconds. And that's silent speed.... G-Max's speed-sensitive fans are as quiet as they come


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