Brighter, Faster, Stronger, Longer

With an eyeball-ripping 150-watt LED light source and a bag filled with lighting goodies, G-Max150 is built to impress! Gobos? How about two wheels, each with 7 gobos, including 7 rotating, indexing and interchangeable. Glass? You bet! We've got 4 of them installed and ready to rock. We’ll even throw two extra gobos - so you can change things up when you're feeling saucy.

Customization Station

Wanna break things up a little? Do it all with G-Max's 3-facet AND 8-facet rotating, indexable prism. Going for a more smooth, sultry look? Try G-Max's frost filter for that subtle glow that satisfies, then blow 'em out of the water with the pinpoint accuracy and beam shaping from G-Max's smooth, multi-mode iris. Did we mention speed? We didn't call it G-Max on accident. That's "Max" as in "maximum speed and performance.” We've got 3-phase steppers under the hood for 540° pan in 2.2 seconds, and 270° tilt in under 1.2 seconds. And that's silent speed.... G-Max's speed-sensitive fans are as quiet as they come

Main Features

* Single 150w white LED light source * 16-bit smooth pan and tilt resolution * Pan: 540° Tilt: 270° with 3-phase motors * Automatic pan/tilt position correction * User selectable 21/23/24-channel DMX modes * 7 colors + open color wheel with half-colors * 2 gobo wheels, 1 static/1 rotating both with 7 gobos + open * Gobo Size: 24.9mm * 3/8-facet dual prism with variable speed and direction * 0-100% linear LED dimmer * Extremely silent cooling fans * 3-pin and 5-pin male/female input and outputs * powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors

Product Specifications


Light source: 150w white LED

Beam Angle: 15 degree

Gobo Size: Outer Diameter 24.8mm / Image Size: 17.5mm


Pan: 540 degree

Tilt: 270 degree

Weight & Dimensions

Length: 15 inches (380 mm)

Width: 10.2 inches (260 mm)

Height: 18.9 inches (480 mm)

Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)


Protocol: USITT DMX-512

DMX Channels: 21/23/24

Operating Modes: Standalone, Master/Slave, Sound Active

Input: 3-pin XLR Male

Output: 3-pin XLR Female

LCD 4-button control panel

Power & Current

Operating Voltage 90-260VAC, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption 266W, 2.28A, PF:.99


2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs


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