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HotBox™ RGBW

1 Meter

2 Meter


4,500 Lux

1,320 Lux


4,040 Lux

1,200 Lux


4,510 Lux

1,390 Lux


4,250 Lux

1,340 Lux


15,000 Lux

4,390 Lux

HotBox™ RGBW

“Ask Me About My HotBox”


HotBox™ RGBW

“Ask Me About My HotBox”


    * RGBW color mixing via 7x 10W 4-in-1 LEDs * Variable electronic dimming & strobe * 5 user-selectable 32-bit dimming curves * Built-in color & chase macros via DMX * Built-in automated programs via master/slave * Built-in sound active programs * Color mixing ability in standalone mode * Rugged and well-built (It hits the gym regularly) * Super-quiet variable-speed internal fan cooling * Dual mounting brackets for positioning flexibility * Flicker-free constant-current 400hz LED driver * 3-pin male input and 3-pin female output * powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors
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Add wireless DMX to this fixture with SoC-It™

Just plug a SoC-It™ into the DMX input of this fixture and transmit DMX wirelessly over WiFi, Art-Net, and sACN.


Control this fixture with your smart phone or tablet

Create custom shows, add limitless patches and fixtures, and explore and control thousands of fixture profiles all from your phone or tablet.

Requires SoC-It or Art-Net/sACN compatible device






The Box, Redefined

Ah, the box... one of the most useful, time tested, and attractive 3-dimensional shapes ever created is once again new and improved! Just like its big brother the RokBox™, the HotBox™ also offers cutting-edge 4-in-1 LEDs, advanced electronics, a rock solid super-cool aluminum casing with dual hanging brackets and secure grip locking knobs, but in an even more compact/portable cute little package! It weighs in at just 3.5 pounds and is only 4 x 5 x 5 inches (7.25 inches tall including the brackets.)

Easy Peasy Programming

The HotBox™ RGBW puts out a ton of light with 7x 10-watt 4-in-1 LEDs, and their user selectable 3/4/5/8 or 9 DMX channel modes allow them to work great with any type of controller. You'll have full control of color mixing, 31 built-in programs, ultra smooth flicker-free 32-bit dimming, and even easy HSV color mixing ability in 3-channel mode. Additionally, the built-in 4-button LED control panel also allows total control over the fixture, including master/slave settings, sound active mode, built-in programs, auto mode, custom color mixing, and user adjustable fade/strobe effects.

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