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Spot Mode

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Wash Mode

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Shape-Shifting Beam Effects

Meet Kryo.Morph™, our super-bright and feature packed beam/wash/spot moving head light. Built to impress with its incredible shape-shifting beam effects, this fixture cuts through the fog with ease. It can project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane. With a narrow 5°-20° (spot application), or 2.5°-10° (beam application), the output is crystal clear and brilliant. Add in either rotating 6-way linear or 8-way circular prisms to create wide reaching effects across any stage.

Fine Features

Features include 540/270° pan and tilt movement, 9 rotating gobos, 14 static gobos + open, 13 colors + white, 6/8-facet rotating prism, motorized zoom and focus, frost filter, 4-button + touch screen LCD control panel, powerCON® compatible power input, and dual ¼ turn omega mounting brackets..

Main Features

• Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 Moving Head • HRI 280W Lamp, 2000 hrs (Standard mode), 3000 hrs (Eco mode) • Smooth dimmer from 0 - 100 % • Control channels: 16/24-channel • Color wheel: 13 dichroic filters + white • Rotating Gobo wheel: 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable slot-n-lock glass gobos + open • Static Gobo wheel: 10 metal gobos & 4 beam reducers • Prism 1: 8-facet circular prism rotating in both directions at different speeds • Prism 2: 6-facet linear prism rotating in both directions at different speeds • Frost effect: Separate, variable • Strobe effect with variable speed (max.15 flashes/sec.) • Dimmer/Shutter: Full range dimming and variable strobe effect • 3 user editable programs, each up to 100 steps • Motorized zoom and focus • LCD touch screen control menu • Pan: 540°/Tilt: 270°

Product Specifications


Light source: HRI 280W discharge lamp (2000 hrs)

Gobo Size: 14.75mm (external dimensions), 13mm (inner dimensions)

Beam range: 5°-20° (spot application), 2.5°-10° (beam application)

Beam Mode, Narrow: 132,811 Lux @ 5M

Beam Mode, Wide: 46,094 Lux @ 5M

Spot Mode, Narrow: 76955 Lux @ 5M

Spot Mode, Wide: 6,588 Lux @ 5M

Wash Mode, Narrow: 12,420 Lux @ 5M

Wash Mode, Wide: 3,707 Lux @ 5M


Pan: 540° (8/16-bit)

Tilt: 270° (8/16-bit)

Weight & Dimensions

Width: 15.3 inches (388 mm) Depth: 10.6 inches (269 mm) Height: 23.4 inches (594 mm) Weight: 31 lbs (34.2 kg)


Protocol: USITT DMX-512

DMX Channels: 16/24-Channels

LCD touch screen menu

3 user editable programs, each up to 100 steps

Operating modes: standalone, master/slave, auto, sound active

Power & Current

Operating Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hertz (autoranging)

Power consumption: 365W, 3.12A, PF: .98, VA 396

Fuse: T 5A/250V


2-year limited warranty


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