Intuitive Software

Let Blizzard’s Lucid™ hardware and software solutions add some smarts to your lights! The Lucid™ intuitive software interface will put incredible power at your fingertips, simplifying many of those normally complicated lighting tasks with drag-and-drop functionality, built-in effect generators and state-of-the-art 3D rendering. From simple movements to stunning effects, or even playing video on an RGB matrix, creating advanced effects with Lucid™ DMX control software is a breeze.

Packed With Features

You can choose between our two easy to use hardware configurations: The Lucid 140 IQ, or Lucid™ 180 IQ. Both are packed with features you'll come to appreciate, like pre-written profiles for over 9,000 fixtures, cue overlay/stacking, matrix generator, BPM triggering, plus audio playback/triggering. Blizzard’s Lucid™ 140 IQ is a cost-effective choice that retains most of the features of 180 IQ. It features 1 DMX out universe (512 channels), and 1 DMX IN/OUT universe. Remote control apps are also available for iOS and android devices.

Main Features

* Choose between Lucid™ 140 IQ and Lucid™ 180 IQ * Patch Manager: Add lighting fixtures in a few seconds. * Pre-written profiles for over 9,000 fixtures * Cue/overlay stacking * Matrix generator * BPM triggering * Audio playback/triggering * Stand Alone Mode * Effects Generator * Profile Editor * 3D Visualization

Product Specifications


3D Visualization: Limited

Profile Library: Yes

DMX Output: 2 x 512

DMX Input: 512 (in/out)

Port Triggering: Yes

MIDI Triggering: Yes

Stand Alone Memory: No

IR Triggering: No

Clock & Calendar: No

System Requirements

Windows® XP, 512MB of RAM, Windows Vista™, 1GB of RAM or Windows 7 (any 32-bit / 64-bit editions)

200MB of available hard-disk space

1,024x768 monitor resolution with 16-bit video card

USB 2 port (USB 1 not supported)

USB Data Format

USB Specification: 1.0

Disk Format: FAT16 / FAT32 ONLY

Maximum Disk Size: 4GB


2-year limited warranty


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