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Series Taurus TB8

The TB8 is part of the Taurus Series of products developed by NovaStar®, which are their second generation of multimedia players dedicated to small and medium sized LED full color displays. In addition to program publishing and screen control via PC, mobile phones and LAN, its comprehensive, omnidirectional control plan also supports remote centralized publishing and monitoring.

4K HD Video

TB8 supports H.265 4K HD video hardware decoding playback, and is equipped with 2GB memory, 8GB total storage (4GB user), and a 1.5 GHz 8-core processor. It offers synchronous display with wired or wireless connection, direct connection via Ethernet, LAN, or dual Wi-Fi mode, and it allows connections to PC's, tablets, or mobile devices using the free ViPlex Handy app.

Main Features

* 2.3 MP loading capacity, 4096 x 1920 max pixels

* Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing

* Powerful processing capability

* Dual Wi-Fi mode

* Wired Gigabit Ethernet

* On-board brightness sensor

* Comprehensive control plans

* Synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode

Product Specifications


Ethernet ports: 4

USB ports: 2

8GB storage (4GB user storage)

HDMI input + loop

Stereo audio output

Weight & Dimensions

14.8 x 1 x 7.1 inches (375 x 280 x 108 mm)

Weight: 3 lbs

Power & Current

Operating voltage:

Power connection: IEC

Max power consumption: 20W


Storage temperature: -40~80ºC

Operating temperature: -20~60ºC

Humidity: 0-80% RH


Limited 2-year warranty


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