Absolute Electrical Isolation

Meet Blizzard’s 8-way DMX distributor, the Pipeline™! The unit has 2x inputs and 8x outputs and features absolute electrical isolation between input and outputs and between all of the outputs.

DMX Connectors

There are two types of DMX connectors (3-pin) for each individual channel. Each DMX output features an independent driver. Along with Blizzard’s Pipeline™, you can run up to 32 units per one output channel.

Main Features

* Fully compliant to DMX-512 (1990) * 3pin & 5pin DMX Input and DMX Thru * 100% electrical isolation between in/output * 100% electronic isolation between output/output * Signal & power LED indicator for each output * Terminator resistor switch for end of a DMX chain * Power input via IEC connector on rear panel * Removable rack wings for Rack mount or wall mount * Anodized aluminum front panel

Product Specifications

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions: 482 x 130 x 44mm

Weight: 2.6KG

Power & Current

Power input: AC120V 50Hz/60Hz

Consumption: 10W


2-year limited warranty


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