Universal DMX-512 Controller


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Built Like A Tank

Say hello to the SnoKontrol™, Blizzard’s universal DMX-512 lighting controller that's packed with features and built like a tank! With its 384 DMX channels, the SnoKontrol™ can control up to 12 intelligent lights of up to 32 channels and provide control over 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes and 66 programmable chases of 240 scenes.

Direct Control

Users can use the SnoKontrol™ to record up to 6 chases with fade time and speed, plus, it is equipped with 16 sliders for direct control of channels. SnoKontrol™ DMX controllers get the job done like the time-tested, quality pieces of equipment they are!

Main Features

* 384-Channel DMX-512 Controller * Supports up to 12 fixtures of 32 channels each * Chase & scene programming w/multiple memory banks * Multifunction LED display * Built-in microphone for sound-to-light operation * Tap-Sync option * Adjustable fade/step/scene timing * 30 Banks of 8 programmable scenes * 6 Programmable chases of 240 scenes * Record up to 6 chases with fade time and speeds * 16 sliders for direct control of channels * MIDI device input for triggering of banks, chases & blackout * Auto program controlled by speed & fade time sliders * Blackout master button * Reversible DMX channels allows fixture to react opposite to others in a chase * Manual override allows you to grab any fixture on the fly * DMX polarity selector * Power failure memory * 4 bit LED display * DMX in/out: 3 pin XRL

Product Specifications

Weight & Dimensions

Length 20.5 inches (520 mm)

Width 7.25 inches (183 mm)

Height 2.9 inches (73 mm)

Weight 1.4 lbs (3 kg)


Protocol USITT DMX-512

DMX Channels 384

Output 3-pin XLR Female

Power & Current

Operating Voltage DC9V, 2A (From included power supply)

Power Consumption:10W


2-year limited warranty


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