SoC-It™ Wi-Fi based sACN/Art-Net to DMX Control



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  • Configure & control fixtures from any Android or Apple device using our free app At Full
  • Wirelessly receive one universe of Art-Net or sACN via Wi-Fi & re-transmit through wired DMX
  • Rechargeable battery offers 8+ hours of constant operation
  • Connect directly or use any existing 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network for virtually unlimited range
  • XLR tab acts as the one button interface
  • A design so sleek, you'll want to wash and wax it on the weekends
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At Full + SoC-It

For ultimate functionality pair At Full with our homegrown, wireless DMX control solution SoC-It


Set up your lights quickly & easily by choosing from our built-in library of fixtures.


At Full makes it super simple to control your lights! Our unique sliders provide easy-to-read visual feedback.


From a ballyhoo to a simple blinking lamp, At Full’s Build-A-Namation engine makes it a breeze to create amazing eye candy.


Record (with At Full)

At Full can record your DMX streams live, and save them to the cloud where you’ll be able to access them anywhere!

Playback (with At Full)

Easily mix & match your recordings to quickly create new lighting combinations.

Time-coded Shows

At Full's Show Creator allows you to custom build out a timecode show. Create fades and custom animations or use presets to bring your rig together.

Timeline Screen
Timeline Screen
Timeline Screen
Timeline Screen


The At Full™ app from Blizzard Lighting allows you to bring fixtures and ideas to life with its intuitive show editor, real-time miniconsole controls, and an extensive library of fixture profiles — all from the palm of your hand.

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Product Summary

DMX Over WiFi

SoC-It is a wireless, WiFi based sACN/Art-Net to DMX converter, and is Blizzard's first 100% developed and manufactured in-house product. Just connect it to any WiFi enabled device, or add it to an existing network for virtually unlimited range.

For ultimate functionality, pair it with our very own At Full lighting control app, which can be downloaded for free at the The App Store and Google Play Store.

Under the Hood

Its internal brains, an ESP32, implements the most current open standards, sACN, Art-Net 4, and DMX. While pairing with the At Full app is ideal, it can also be used with a console or control board to test, plug-and-play, and manage shows.

SoC-It is powered by an internal lithium-ion rechargeable 18650 battery to give it ultra-long battery life of 8+ hours, and its small form factor can fit in the palm of your hand and snugly in your pocket.



Configure & control fixtures from any Android or Apple device

Wirelessly receive Art-Net or sACN & re-transmit through via DMX

XLR tab acts as the one button interface

Connect directly or via 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network

Available with 3-pin or 5-pin DMX output


2.4GHz WiFi

At Full™ mobile app

Protocol: USITT DMX-512, sACN, Art-Net 4


18650 rechargable lithium-ion battery

6.4A, 3.7V, 3200 mAh

Input voltage: 5V (USB)

8+ hours runtime


2-year limited warranty (battery excluded)

Dims & Weight


5.1" L x 1.3" W x 1.4" H

0.26 lbs


5.1" L x 1.3" W x 1.4" H

0.26 lbs