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Solar Ray™

A 5x5 Matrix of Solar Power

Solar Ray™

Solar Ray™

A 5x5 Matrix of Solar Power


    * 25x high efficiency 3-Watt Edison LEDs * Projects intense narrow beams of 2,800k warm white light * Flexible panel system with integrated locks * Easy configuration and setup via built-in LCD control panel * Individual pixel control in 25-channel DMX mode * 29 built-in programs + auto run with speed adjustment * Kling-Net™/Art-Net™ support allows auto-configuration over Ethernet * 8° beam angle, pitch: 60 mm * DMX Channels: 6/25 * Strobe Rate: 0-20 Hz * Strong cast aluminum housing * Internal Protection: IP20 * Smooth dimming curve with flicker-free operation (400Hz) * PowerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors
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Solar Ray™


Meet the Solar Ray™, a fixture that offers cutting-edge optic design with bright, warm white (2800K) Edison LEDs with special optical reflectors to create intense 8° narrow beams of light. The generated effect is a brilliant wall of light, brighter than that of conventional LED screens. Solar Ray™ is a 5x5 matrix panel fitted with 25x highly efficient Edison LEDs. The 30x30 cm panels have an onboard modular rigging system that allows you to build an impressive wall or matrix of any size!

Stepless and Linear Dimmer

The Solar Ray™’s innovative electric design and high quality components and drivers result in a stepless and linear dimmer, equal in performance to that of halogen fixtures. it is perfect for theatrical applications or wherever high performance flicker-free dimming is required! The Solar Ray™ is also super slim, lightweight, and user friendly, which makes it a great choice for rental companies.

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