Steam • HZ™

Unrivaled Chemistry

Steam • HZ™

Steam • HZ™

Unrivaled Chemistry


    * High Quality Haze Fluid Compatible in Practically any Water-Based Hazer * Container Size: 1 Gallon * Contains no Glycerin * Remains Clean, Dry, and Odorless * Leaves Little to No Residue or Contamination * Designed For Use With Any Water Based Haze Machine * Only uses UV De-Ionized Water and Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals, all Approved by the FDA * Made in USA
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Steam • HZ™

In Steamy Terms

Uber-premium water-based haze fluid. Produces a translucent blanket of haze with llllllllllong hang time. Infused with gravity-defying Stayupsamine®, it hangs around so long you may wake up in the morning and be forced to gnaw your own arm off to get away. But, we promise this: you will use MUCH less fluid and have WAY prettier effects.

In SFW Terms

A pro water-based haze fluid created to enhance lighting performance. Steam • HZ™ remains dry and odorless and leaves little to no residue, plus, contains all FDA approved chemicals with no Glycerin. Use in any water-based hazer!


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