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ToughStick™ RGBAW

Herculean Style

ToughStick™ RGBAW

ToughStick™ RGBAW

Herculean Style


    * RGBAW color mixing via 60x 3W Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White LEDs * Variable electronic strobe * Variable electronic dimmer * Built-in color & chase macros via DMX * Built-in automated programs via master/slave * RGBAW color mixing ability in standalone mode * Independent control of 3 pixels (20 LEDs each) * User selectable 4/5/6/10/16/20-channel DMX modes * Easy to use LED control panel
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ToughStick™ RGBAW

Stellar Color Mixing

The ToughStick RGBAW™ is a tough combination outdoor rated RGBWA strip wash / pixel / effect fixture powered by 60x 3W Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White LEDs (12x each). Users can produce stellar color mixing from its high powered RGBWA LEDs, plus full independent control of 3 individual pixels (20x LEDs each).

Full Control

User selectable 4/5/6/10/16/20-channel DMX modes and an LED control panel make this fixture flexible and easy to use, and built in color change and pixel chase programs are available in standalone, master-slave, and DMX modes for ultimate versatility. It’s built like a brick with a heavy-duty anodized aluminum enclosure, tempered glass top, extended waterproof AC power and 3-pin DMX connections. Cherry on top? The adjustable dual mounting brackets make for total positioning flexibility!

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