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Turbo Scan™

Totally Rad, Totally Bitchin’

Turbo Scan™

Turbo Scan™

Totally Rad, Totally Bitchin’


    • Single 150W white LED light source • 16-bit smooth pan/tilt resolution • Pan: 180° Tilt: 90° with 3-phase motors • User selectable 21/23/24-channel DMX modes • 7 colors + open color wheel with half-colors • 2 gobo wheels, 1 static/1 rotating both with 7 gobos + open • 3/8-facet dual prism with variable speed and direction • 0-100% linear LED dimmer • Extremely silent cooling fans • 3-pin and 5-pin male/female input and outputs • powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out connectors
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Turbo Scan™

Light Show Booster

Oh yeah, we went there… back to the future! Give your light show a major performance boost with Turbo Scan™, the super-bright, blazing fast LED scanner effect that is built to impress with a 150-watt LED light source and an abundance of pro features. Turbo Scan™ fixtures create crisp, clear beams and are equipped with two gobo wheels, each with 7 gobos, including 7 rotating, indexing and interchangeable. Glass? You bet! We’ve got 4 of them installed and ready to rock.

Need For Speed

Break things up a little with Turbo Scan’s 3-facet and 8-facet rotating, indexable prism. Going for a more smooth, sultry look? Try Turbo Scan’s frost filter for that subtle glow that satisfies, then blow ‘em out of the water with the pinpoint accuracy and beam shaping from Turbo Scan’s smooth, multi-mode iris. Did we mention speed? We didn’t call it Turbo Scan™ for nothing. That’s “Turbo” as in “Maximum speed and performance,” my friend. Its moving mirror with 3-phase motors is capable of 180° pan in 0.8 seconds, and 90° tilt in under 0.5 seconds. Does all this sound familiar? If you own G-Max™ 150 moving head fixtures it just might. Turbo Scan™ fixtures share the exact same DMX architecture, optics and overall feature set as our G-Max™ 150 moving head fixtures

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