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Motif Fresco lights up the iconic Colosseum in Rome


A new production, Sangue e Arena, used VR technology to recreate the inaugural games held in AD 80. Lighting designer Simon Gauthier was tasked with setting the stage.


Lumin-ART Productions, a world leader in the performing arts sector, used 63 Motif Frescos to create a stimulating atmosphere in the father of all modern stadiums.


Thanks to extensive international collaboration, teams illuminated the past and digitally brought back to life a historically outstanding exhibition.

Represented by 63 Motif Fresco outdoor-rated RGB LED wash fixtures, Blizzard Lighting is proud to have been part of a historic exhibit at Rome's Colosseum by Lumin-ART Productions.

Fixtures were provided by AVL Media Group (Sounds Distribution / Intellimix) for use in the conception and installation in Italy in 2018.

A historical monument which spans the centuries, the Colosseum is one of the main attractions for tourists worldwide, with over six million visitors per year. Under the management of archaeological park director Alfonsina Russo, it has once again become a venue for shows of all kinds.

Enter Sangue e Arena (Blood and Arena) – a highly-rated production which used VR technology to help recreate the 100-day inaugural games held to celebrate the building of the amphitheatre in AD 80!

Set up in the Colosseum, Sangue e Arena was an immersive blend of lights, music, storytelling and cinematography that brought to life the gladiatorial duels, staged animal fights, naval battles, gruesome executions of traitors and criminals, and some of the impressive engineering feats of the Roman era.

A total of 63 Motif Fresco outdoor RGB LED wash light fixtures from Blizzard Lighting were used to help retell the history that took place within the walls of one of Italy’s beloved wonders.

Motif™ Fresco

14x 3W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs, IP65

LUMIN-Art Productions

A world leader in complex visual designs since 2003, Lumin-ART Productions, was able to bring to life a historical exhibit that Julius Caesar himself would be proud of!

Shouldered by an array of talents, the company met several needs of this production. With the help of his team, Lighting Designer Simon Gauthier took care of designing, programming and bringing forth the lighting aspects of the production. For it, he teamed up with Graphics eMotion to project historically accurate animated pictures and 2D/3D models reminiscent of the era on the outer and inner walls of the Colosseum.

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The Final Outcome

It was a digitally and historically outstanding exhibition, thanks to extensive international collaboration between the museums and exhibitions division of the Italian publishing house Electa; the management of the archaeological park; and a research team of historians, artists, architects and archaeologists.

Founded in 2003, Lumin-ART Productions is now a world leader in the performing arts sector. Its founder Simon Gauthier specializes in stage lighting.

AVL Media Group is a pro audio, video & lighting distributor of premiere stage and lighting brands in Canada, along with sister company Sounds Distribution, and parent company Intellimix.