HotBox™ EXAs Bring Light & Warmth to the Advent Season

August 7, 2023

Built in 1901, Sacred Heart Catholic Church was due for multiple renovations, including new flooring and walls to be painted. The church was also in need of both a lighting & PA system upgrade. Sacred Heart looked to leading A/V/L installer & event production company Myers Productions to assist with their technical needs. Myers first identified the necessary wash lights for Sacred Heart’s lighting design, starting with eight HotBox EXAs (pictured here at Christmas Eve Mass).

Myers also considered the compact, yet extremely efficient moving lights Hypno Beam and Hypno Spot, to help illuminate various fixtures inside the church. The new LEDs received praise all around, from their first appearance at the church’s annual adoration, into the Advent season of 2019.

Choosing a one-stop-shop like Myers was an easy decision for Sacred Heart, which is also located in the Quad Cities. Upon all completed renovations, this Irish affiliated Roman Catholic Church looks stunning, yet keeps its initial building design very much present.

HotBox EXA wash lights provide color-mixing magic with their 7x 15-watt 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV high-powered LEDs that are loaded into one compact, efficient fixture.The fixture uses a variable-speed internal fan for cooling, making it very quiet, and great for those 'sound sensitive' environments like places of worship.

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