AutoBahn™ 8

AutoBahn™ 8

AutoBahn™ 8


    * ArtNet/DMX bilateral signal conversion * 1x RJ45 Neutrik™ EtherCON® Ethernet LAN port, 10/100M, supports TCP/IP protocol * 2x DMX inputs and 8x DMX outputs, each photoelectrically isolated * Auto MDI/MDI-X ethernet connector * Supports standard DMX-512 and ArtNet protocol * DMX input/outputs can be set to enabled or disabled * Each DMX output can be set to single, zero, HTP, or LTP mode * Each DMX input can be set to normal or backup mode * DMX splitter/merger functionality * Manual IP address settings * LCD display indicates each DMX input/output status * Ethernet LED status indicator * Quick and easy to set user presets
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AutoBahn™ 8

Fast DMX Response

With usage of multiple LED fixtures and video mapping, many occasions require thousands of DMX channels. It’s important to have fast DMX response and proper network load management, and the AutoBahn™ 8 will do just that. It not only provides instant response, but also a lower network load. The AutoBahn™ 8 will allow you to increase the number of DMX universes and easily place DMX universes remotely on any TCP/IP Ethernet network. It can also be used as a DMX merger, DMX splitter, or backup device!

Fine Features

The AutoBahn™ 8 features 1x RJ45 Neutrik™ EtherCON® 10/100M Ethernet LAN port with auto MDI/MDI-X (universal cable recognition), which eliminates the need of separate MDI and MDI-X ports, selector switches, or special crossover cables. It also has 2 DMX inputs which can be set as "input" or "disabled" status. You can assign the each input to a specific "Universe" within the range of 0.0 - F.F. When the DMX port is set as “input”, the port mode can be set as “normal” or “backup”. Learn more about the AutoBahn™ 8’s capabilities by opening the cut sheet.

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