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G-Mix™ 200

Mix’n Out Max’n Relaxin’ All Cool

G-Mix™ 200

G-Mix™ 200

Mix’n Out Max’n Relaxin’ All Cool


    * 200W OSRAM® white LED light engine * Smooth CMY color mixing system * 9 dichroic color filters + open * Rotating gobo wheel: 7 rotating, indexable and replaceable slot-n-lock glass gobos + open * Static gobo wheel: 7 metal gobos + open * Linear motorized zoom (5°- 42°) * 3/8-facet bidirectional rotating prism * Motorized linear iris and frost * Linear electronic focus + auto focus * Strobe effect with variable speed (max.15 flashes/sec.) * Smooth dimmer from 0 - 100% * 25/30-channel standard & extended DMX modes
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G-Mix™ 200

The Immortal Moving Head

Powered by a 200W OSRAM® white LED engine with an extra punchy beam, the G-Mix™ 200 is a feature packed spot moving head that combines an exceptionally sharp white beam together with the rich color transitions of CMY color mixing. With 20,000 hours of operation life expectancy, no relamping will be needed for the entire life of the fixture, making it an LD’s immortal fixture dream!

CMY Color Mixing System

Smooth color transition and vibrant fixed colors can be applied from its unique system of three color wheels, plus rotating or static gobos can be added for projections and mid-air effects. Its smooth linear zoom can go from 42° at its widest, down to 5° to produce a piercing beam that can be trimmed with its ultra-fast stepless iris for really sharp output. The G-Mix™ 200 is topped with smooth 540/270° pan & tilt movement and dual gobo wheels for endless beam effects.


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